ReadingRecently I attended the Timazi Readership Challenge. Timazi is a Christian magazine for young people that seeks to teach them how to distinguish between the holy and the profane, as stated in Ezekiel 44:23. The Readership Challenged was aimed at promoting a reading culture as well as help young people learn God’s will in line with the book in focus, Choosing your Career by Martin E. Clark.

One of the activities during the challenge was an interview that left me very challenged. You see, I belong to a generation that believes reading is cumbersome. We’ve been oriented to love music more that we love books. Perhaps the education system has a hand in this. Book warms are categorized in a class of their own, and often no one wants to associate with them.

In this way the contact between the older generation and our generation has been cut off since there is no link. We’ve ended up Internet zombies and the only reading we do is when we have exams in a week’s time. As a result of this our morals have continued to decay, since Bible reading is equally a problem.

On the other hand, we have a number of readers who are only good at reading big romance novels that end up up doing more harm than good to them. Coming across healthy reading materials has become as hard as taking a walk to the space.

I am not the best of readers. But I try to. My experience after reading especially Christian literature is that I have gotten another scope of understanding as well as had inspiration. I have had the experience of tapping into the older generation of missionaries like George Muller, Amy Carmichael, John Wesley and Coorie Ten Boom, and learning what they did for God’s leaves me charged up to take up the challenge of winning souls for the kingdom of God.

Books have been instrumental in the way they have shaped my world view. Reading insights from different authors has made me understand portions of scripture in a better way. I can proudly say tat books have shaped my world view and chased away a good level of ignorance in me.

During the interview in the Readership Challenge, there were three panelists who shared with us the experience they’ve had as readers. I’ll specifically quote one Maggie, whom I found outstanding. Initially she never thought she would read a book. But one time in her high school days she tried reading one. She made it to the end. This really baffled her, that she would read a whole book and finish.

After salvation she developed the discipline of reading books.Now she reads very many! She owns over 1200 books, and not just owning. She has read them. For every outfit she buys, she buys two good books.

I was left speechless after hearing such practicality in the discipline of reading. The insights she has and her general walk with God is a reflection of the knowledge she has gathered from Bible reading and reading Christian literature.

You can begin to do a soul search. Are you reading books? What kind of books do you read? Instead of killing time using Internet you could try reading. Start small. Read a page per day. When you are waiting on the queue take out a book and read. Lets seek knowledge by reading.

During the challenge we were privileged to have the general director for ACTS (African Christian Textbooks) bookshop. They sell good books at affordable rates. With 200sh you’ll get a good book from their bookshops in Karen. Visit their website for more details. I also know of FOCUS (Fellowship of Christian Unions) Kenya in Kasarani where you can also get numerous good books.

I hope you are in for the challenge?