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This is a controversial topic, but there are many different opinions stating why these songs can or can’t be used as praise and worship (of course, some of them require some minor lyric tweaking).

Watch the video below. It’s Christian comedian, J. Orr,  joking about how he entered a church one time and they were playing secular songs with Christian lyrics and it was funny to him, but not worship-ful.

The church he visited was playing the music to “Brick House” by the Commodores, but changed the lyrics to say “We’re in the Lord’s house. He’s mighty, mighty. Stompin’ the devil out…”

It’s cute. It’s witty. It’s silly. But is it worshipful and bringing glory to God? I’m not sure.

After a quick search of the internet, here are some other secular songs people believe could easily be turned Christian (some without any lyric tweaks and some with minor tweaks to…

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